Composition : Metarhizium Anisopliae  1.15 %  (2ê“«107CFU/Gram)

Mode of action

It infects all the stages of insects including eggs, larvae, pupal, nymphal and adult’s .The spores attach to insect cuticle / integuments, germinate and penetrate the insect body, and cause mortality through a combination of chemical, mechanical, water loss and nutrient loss effect. The insect body ultimately gets covered with green mycelium and spores, which may get dispersed and cause subsequent infections. Certain toxins called destruxin produced by this fungus also cause the mortality of insects.

Target Insects:

Control eggs, larvae, pupal, nymphal and adult stages of White grubs, Beetle grubs, Caterpillars, Semiloppers, Loopers, Cutworms, Termites and Sucking pest like Pyrilla, Mealy bugs and Aphids.

Target crops:

SugarcaneCotton, Groundnut, Maize, Sorghum, Barley, Rice, Potato, Soybean, Oranges, Vegetables and Fruit crops etc..

Dose : Mix 2 -4 kg AGRIMET with 50 kg of well decomposed fym/compost/field soil and apply in 1 acre.

Foliar Application: Mix 2.0 kg  AGRIMET in 150 – 200 liter.( For 1 Acre Crop)