Composition: Zinc Sulphate  (Zn: 21%) Benefits: Promote healthy root development increases plant growth and vigor Improves vegetative growth, flowering and fruit setting. Dose:

Axis Zn

Composition: Single chelated Micronutrient (Zinc) Benefits: Since EDTA is chelated, plants can take it easily and for a long time. Zinc EDTA in fully chelated form for maximum uptake efficiency. Increases enzymes production and metabolic functions. provides natural protection against fungal and bacterial diseases. Dose: 1 Gm in 1 Ltr Water (200 Gm per Acre)s

Gold Black Diamond

Composition: Natural Bio-organic extract of Humic Benefits: Improve root structure Enhances soil Properties & microbial population. Increases plant nutrient uptake. Dose: Foliar spray 200 Gm/Acres


Composition: Calcium + Boron in Colemanite mineral form Benefits: Slow release formula for long release time Increases fruit retention and uniform fruit development. Increases pollination and reproduction. Dose: For Drip- 1 Kg/Acre Foliar Spray – 500 Gm/acre(200 litre of water)


Compositition: Ammonium Poly-phosphate 10-34-00 Benefits: Better development of roots. Increase crop development in volume & weight Increase nutrient uptake Higher crop uniformity Less sensitive for PH level. Dose: 1-2 ml/ 1 litre of water  


Composition: Potassium 25%, Sulphur 17% (Potassium Thiosulfate-KTS) Benefits: Potassium thiosulfate is an effective nitrification inhibitor used in the cultivation and production of crops as sulphur and potash fertilizers. KTS has proven to be a great addition to N and P starters, because it supplies both potassium and sulphur nutrients that are often in short supply […]

Cal Bond

Composition: Calcium in organo-chelated liquid form Benefits: Rapid Calcium absorption in organo-chelate form Enhanced fruit quality and shelf life Improve plant resilience and tolerance Dose:  

Fast Copper

Composition : Copper Sulphate + Fast lime Benefits : helps to control of soil borne and airborne fungal diseases as well as bacterial diseases. helps  to control disease entering horticultural crops. helps to provide the requirement element of copper to plant. Dose:  1.4 kg/Acre  

Potassium Bicarbonate

Composition: water soluble Potassium Bicarbonate Benefits: It is an effective fungicide against white fungus. Used in organic farming. can be used in fruit crops and vegetable crops. Dose: 500 Gm/Acre

Knock Down

Composition: Contains long chain potassium salts of phosphorus (Powder Form) Benefits: Increase the availability of Macro nutrient (P,K) to plants. Prevent to plant for fungus attack. Increase the plant immunity and healthy growth. Dose: Spray Application : 2 gm in 1 Ltr Water (400-500 gm /Acre) Soil Application  : 4 gm / ltr water.


Composition: Zinc, iron, copper, manganese, boron, molybladum etc. with EDTA Chelating (in powder form) Benefits: Crops get uniform nutrition and strength. Provides resistance to crops in climatic heterogeneous conditions. Remains the same Crop quality. Dose: 1 Gm in 1 Ltr Water (Apply 2-3 Times During Crop Growth)


Composition: Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese Boron etc. with EDDHA chelating. in liquid form Benefits: helps to increase The cell division process and increase the growth process. Increase the Flowering and Production. Plant growth is not stunted at all in unfavourable conditions. Dose: 4-5 ml in 1 Litre water (spray 3-4 time to every stages of […]


Composition: Zinc, iron, copper, manganese boron etc. Amino Chelated Powder Form Benefits: Easily Provide All Nutrient To Plant and increase the plant growth. Plant growth is not stunted at all in unfavorable conditions. helps to increase the flowering  and prevent to flower drops. Dose: Foliar Spray : 1 Gm  in 1 Ltr Water (spray 3-4 time […]

Energy Liquid

Composition: (Liquid Form) zinc, ferrous iron, copper, manganese, boron ,with chelating agent Chlorine Free. Benefits: Correct the Deficiency of depleting elements in the crop. Provide beneficial hormones to plants. The production process becomes faster. Helps to increase the production. Dose: Spray : 1 Ltr Energy in 200 Ltr Water for 1 Acre. (Spray Every Stage of plant […]


Composition: Completely soluble magnesium ( Cristal Form In White Color) Benefits: Give the effective results in BT Cotton Red Leaf Curl Problem. The plants remain green till the Harvesting. Increase the photosynthesis activity in plants. Increase the productivity in crop Dose: Foliar Spray :  2-3 Gm Per 1 Ltr Water


Composition: Boron Elements Benefits: Produce the fruit  bark becomes smooth and shiny. Decrease the number of black spot on fruit and prevent the fruit blast disease. Prevents flower and small fruit falls and increase the fruit growth Dose: 200 gm/Acre (First spray at the time of fruiting & second spray After the fruit settles)

Axis Cu

Composition: Cu 15 % with EDTA Chelating (Powder Form) Benefits: Since EDTA is chelated, plants can take it easily and for a long time. Acts as a stimulant to activate various functions of plants. Key element for plant reproduction / fertilization phase. Needed for fruit flavor-aroma and luster. Dose: 1 Gm in 1 Ltr Water (200 Gm per […]

Axis Mn

composition: Single  chealeted  Micronutrient  (Manganese) Benefits : Photosynthesis and enzyme  activator. Key element for Nitrogen metabolism. corrects  manganese  deficiency  in  the plant. Healthy growth of parts of plant  and fruits. Due to  EDTA chealeted formulation   plant   can easily  uptake and resulting for long lasting  even if adverse situation.   Dose:         1 […]

Axis Fe

Composition: Single EDTA chealeted  Micronutrient  (Ferus/Iron) Benefits : Recover iron deficiency in plants. Since EDTA is chelated, plants can take it easily and for a long time. An essential element for the formation of chloroplasts to make plants green. Plays a role as a carrier of oxygen in plants. Major role in cell division and development […]


Composition : Single  chealeted  Macronutrient  (Magnesium) Benefits:  Since EDTA is chelated, plants can take it easily and for a long time. Increases the activity of phosphorus. An important component for the formation and production of green particles in plants. Activates plant hormones. It  needed  at critical stages of  crop for  better yield. Dose:       […]


Composition : Calcium 6 %, boron 4%, zinc 3 % and magnesium 1% W/W. Benefits:  Eliminates elemental deficiencies at any stage of the plant. Prevents fruit fall and cracking. Reduces the severity of fungal diseases. Increases crop quality and yield. Dose: Irrigation: 250-500 gm /Acre (Apply in flowering stage) 0.5-1gm in 1 Ltr Water (100-200 gm/ […]


Composition:Calcium and boron Benefits : helps to Prevents falling and cracking of fruits. Prevents blossom and rot disease. Increases crop quality and yield greatly. Strengthens the cell wall of plant cells so that the plant stands strong. Dose: Irrigation: 250-400 gm / Acre Spray : 0.5 -1 gm in 1 Ltr Water (100 -200 gm […]

Axis Ca

Composition : Single  chealeted  Micronutrient  (Calcium) Benefits:  Since EDTA is chelated, plants can take it easily and for a long time. The element helps to cell division and strong cell structure. Works to deliver food made in the leaf to the fruit / flower. Acts as a carrier of all nutrients. Helps to Controls blossom and […]

Calcium Chloride

Composition : water soluble Calcium Chloride. Benefits:  The calcium chloride that is needed in plants makes calcium chloride available at once. Reduces the level of sodium salts in the soil. Improves soil texture. Prevents many soil borne diseases. Increase the soil fertility.   Dose: 500 Gm/Acre  (Irrigation: 1 Kg/Acre)