Composition: Extract of Ecklonia Maxima green Seaweed (N-0.8%, P-1.6%, K-0.1%, Auxins-11 mg/L, Cytokines-0.03 mg/L Amino acids & Vitamins-20%) Benefits: Provides trace elements, vitamins and amino acids Improves soil structure and nutrient retention. Increase nutrient uptake Dose: Drip 1-1.5 lit/acre ,  Foliar spray 4-5 ml/1 litre of water  


Composition: Sodium Silicate 23.8% minimum. Benefits: Increase plant resistance to abiotic stress. Increase nutrient uptake ability. Prevents wilt diseases in vegetables and ornamental flowers. Dose: Drip- 1 litre/Acre  Foliar Spray- 1-3 ml/litre of water.


Composition: Salicylic acid, stabilizer – Liquid Form Benefits: Strengthens the internal and external defense system of the crop. Salix has an effect on the action of various enzymes produced in plants. Gives endurance to the crop against adverse weather conditions. Dose: 1 ml in 1 Ltr water (200 ml / Acre )

Bio Activate

Composition: Amino Acids + Folic Acid + Vitamins Benefits: Increases the number of pollen grains. Increase the plants immunity. The immature stage prevents germination. Prevents fall of flowers and fruits. Helps to Increases fruit size and weight. Dose: 2-3 ml in 1 ltr water

Power Combine

Composition: Homobrasinolide, leucine, histidine, folic acid, citric acid, vitamins – liquid form Benefits: Improves flowering Quality & increase the Flowering & yield. Improves crop quality by using all organic component. Brings uniformity in fruit size, color and ripening. Plant quality leads to an increase in productivity. Dose: Seed Treatment: 25-50 ml for 100 kg seed Spray […]


Composition: Sulfur, Calcium Benefit: Remove sulfur deficiency and prevents yellowing of plants. Control the water in plants. Increases fiber length in cotton and increase the yield. As an effective fungus controller and protects against mites. The percentage of oil increases and quality product is obtained.   Dose: 5 ml in 1 Ltr Water (1 Ltr in 200 […]


Composition: Biological enzymes Benefits: Since corolla activates all the essential enzymes in the plant, beneficial results are seen in every stage of the crop. The amount of nitrogen accumulated in plants helps in plant growth. Growth of plant roots – Accelerates plant growth as well as timely flowering and prevents flowering fall.   Dose:  for Spray […]

Multi Force

Composition: Natural ingredients like auxin, cytokines, micro and macro elements and gibberellic acid Benefits: Destroys the toxicity of chemicals fertilizers. Maintains a natural balance of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. Helps to Increase the transfer of nutrients and make them bioavailable. Dose: Seed Treatment: 15-20 ml for 1 kg seed For irrigation: 1 Ltr / Acre (Apply 2-3 […]


Composition: Amino Acid Benefits: Helps in the process of photosynthesis of plants – makes plants green. Helps to increase the immunity of plants. Helps to Plants for absorb more nutrients from the soil. Increase crop quality and yield. Dose :  For Foliar spray : 20-30 gm /15 Ltr Water (250 gm /Acre)  For Irrigation : 500 gm /Acre


Composition : Humic Acid + Himetomelenid acid Benefits: Increase the number of white root in plants. Helps to increase the plant growth. Maintain the C:N Ration & Moisture level in Soil. Increase the microbial activity in soil. Efficient use of fertilizers given in soil. Increase the productivity. Dose: 2-3 ml Humin in 1 ltr water (Spray […]

Vigor +3

Composition:  Humic Acid  12 % + Fluvic Acid  6 % + Ulmic Acid 3 % Benefits: The efficiency of a given chemical fertilizer is increased by 30-35%. Increase the number of white root. We Can use with any fertilizer & Pesticides,Fungicides. Increase the productivity of crop. Dose: For Foliar Spray : 30 ml in 15 […]

Vigor+3 (Granules)

Composition:  Humic Acid  6 % + Fluvic Acid  3 % + Ulmic Acid 1.5% Benefits: The efficiency of a given chemical fertilizer is increased by 30-35% Increase the number of white root. Can be used with any fertilizer & Pesticides , Fungicides Increase the productivity of crop. Dose:        For Short Period Crop :5 […]