Composition: Potassium 25%, Sulphur 17% (Potassium Thiosulfate-KTS)


  • Potassium thiosulfate is an effective nitrification inhibitor used in the cultivation and production of crops as sulphur and potash fertilizers.
  • KTS has proven to be a great addition to N and P starters, because it supplies both potassium and sulphur nutrients that are often in short supply in cold soils where root growth is limited.
  • KTS is an excellent source of potassium for chlorine sensitive crops. Sandy soils, where nutrient holding capacity is limited, may benefit from starter fertilizers containing KTS.
  • KTS is a foliar fertilizer an ideal product to supply potassium when crop demand is high.


1.6-2.0 litre/acre

Cereal Crops :- at maturity stage 2-3 times

Vegetables & other crops:-At flowering stage-at first Harvest time 2-3 times